Kids Sofa Couch, with 2 Cute Strawberry Pillows, Armrest Chair Double Seats, Wooden Frame and Coral Fleece Surface

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Material: main wooden frame + high-density sponge + coral fleece + pillow doll cotton.
Main color: pink.
Overall product size: 90(L)*53(W)*48(H)CM.
Other product size information: seat inner diameter is 60(L)*36(W)*18.5(H)CM;
The size of the two strawberry pillows is 34*18*36.5CM;
The length of the four sofa legs is 5CM, the diameter of the top is 5CM, and the diameter of the bottom is 4CM.

Other details:
1. The wooden frame at the armrests on both sides of the product and the edge of the seat wooden strip are chamfered
2. A set of sofa contains two strawberry pillows (with zipper), the head is green, the pillow body is pink, and there are 6 dots for decoration, the pillowcase is made of coral velvet, and the interior is filled with doll cotton;
3. The four sofa legs are made of solid wood, and the bottom is pasted with a black round foot pad, which can be installed and removed by yourself;
4. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the sofa is 75 kg.