59S P55Y UV Light Sanitizer Bag

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59S specially designed P55 UV light clean bag for home protection, Disinfection storage bag (PRO) for Phone, iPad, Mask, glasses, stethoscope, thermometer, etc., to ease the insufficient supply of accessories situation. Self-developed chip third-generation 10000 hours long-lasting LED UV light beads. Powered by 24 x UVC LED, disinfects and eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria. No water or chemicals needed. Zip up the bag, click the button, and clearly see the purple light trough transparent area in cleaning mode, no light leak out. Powering by adaptor. P55 UV light cleaning bag is compact and lightweight. It is convenient to clean whenever and wherever needed. Auto-off once opening the lid. 59S Provides Its Customers a 12 Month Hassle-Free Warranty. Contact Our Friendly Local Customer Service Team for Any Quality or Technical Enquiries.