Your Ultimate Curated List of Apartment Essentials

About This Blog

Who knew furnishing my first apartment would be so stressful? I knew I needed to buy the essentials like cooking utensils, dining sets, linens and towels, a coffeemaker – oh yes, it’s essential – and vacuum cleaner. But beyond knowing the basics, I was pretty much lost. How do I turn my first apartment into a well-furnished, comfy home? I thought that perhaps the most efficient way to do it is to come up with my own checklist of apartment essentials.

I wanted to keep track of all the items I needed, organized by room. And that was exactly what I did. My list was long, and I certainly didn’t get to everything all at once. But with patience and tenacity, a ton of time spent researching online, and a watchful eye on my budget, I eventually checked off all the boxes on my checklist.

For the folks like me out there who are looking to furnish their apartment, and have no idea where to begin, this apartment checklist is for you.

I try to keep this list comprehensive, up-to-date, and user-friendly. My hope is that with this checklist of apartment essentials and where to buy them, everyone’s experience of furnishing their homes would not only be stress-free but enjoyable at last. – Nick